We understand that buying a wedding dress online can be a daunting process. Therefor we have the following to help you feel at ease. 

We will be setting up places where you can come in to be measured, see the physical swatches, plus have a any follow up alterations. However in the mean time the prices on the website are discounted for forgoing the face to face consultations, allowing you to own one of these dresses regardless of where you are in the world.



>> Seeing the colour swatches in person – We can easily arrange to send fabric swatches to you.

>> Having measurements taken, The style uses a set of measurements that are easy to take and also very clear and easy to understand. You can get a professional to do this, but just a friend who is save with a tape measure is just fine.

>> Adjustments, we can help you to locate a local tailor in your area if needed. We find this is extremely rare you would need these, but they are part of the process of buying a dress from a wedding dress shop.

>> Trying on the dress – If its not trying on the dress you are concerned about we also have an extended platinum option at the bottom of the page

>> Will it be flattering on me ? The way the designs are created have different body type in mind so you can also send Izzy a picture and she will recommend the best cut. However all the dresses flair just above the waist so they are incurably flattering, slimming/ give and hour-glass effect.

>> Concerns about our quality and reputability ?  check out our feedback page ! Plus we can organise a section of the dress to be sent out to you if you have any doubts. You can also google search Zizzyfay which is what this brand formally was and Izzy has been working with the same amazing tailors now for nearly ten years.

>> Still need more proof …

The whole reason why Izzy creates these dresses is to ensure each woman feels like a true goddess when they wear one of these gowns, the very best version of her self, so she will go to the ends of the earth to ensure this is the case for you.

plus we do all our payments through paypal  which covers you you even if the merchant does not have your best interest at heart, which of course we do, but you asked …



>> *Important*

Because each dress is made specially and it costs us half of what we charge to you, Im sure you understand it is very difficult for us to return the dress. Simply visiting a local tailor can help with any adjustments you would need to get it looking as you imagined. Hence our discount for you not being about to try on the dress.

Quilty control standards are very hight but if you notice anything unexpected let us know immediately and we will either get a new dress sent to you or cover adjustments and any of your time.

Optimal Option :

Clear and concise instructions for how to get someone to take your measurements.

any questions/  help you need.

Includes 3 day tracked, express couriered service, delivered to your door where ever you are on the planet.

Any adjustments by your local tailor would be covered by you, note – it would be a very rare occurrence  that you would need this.

Colour swatches can be bought for US$5

**We find this service totally optimal, and have been working this way for nearly ten years**



Platinum Option: 15% extra

Clear and concise instructions for how to get someone to take your measurements.

Any questions/  help you need.

You would get colour swatches of up to 8 fabrics in your chosen colour scheme.

Includes 3 day tracked, express couriered service, delivered to your door where ever you are on the planet.

We help you to find a local tailor in your area and cover any adjustments if they  need to be made.

We send a dress out for you to try on

  •  Note these sample dresses are limited sizes and colours, it enables to see the dress to be seen in detail, however one of the key Wow-factor comes from our perfect fit and the way it flows and synchs in in just there right places.
  • If you don’t end up going ahead with getting a wedding dress from us we just charge a small handelling fee for our time and postage cost for sending out to you.
  • We ask for a fully refundable deposit of US$200, must be returned within 7 days, with no signs of wear.
  • If you are interested in this option please contact us