Would you like to Sell Zizzyfay Bridal..?

Are you enthusiastic, helpful and handy with a tape measure…?

Do you love beautiful fairy inspired things with a heart..?

Do you have a shop or a stall or simply somewhere you can organise simple consultations…?

Would you like to Sell Zizzyfay Bridal Wear..?

We are aware that being an on line website it can be a daunting process for a bride to Order something as special as a wedding dress, So we invite you to inspire ‘brides to be’ with a personal touch where they can see the fabrics, have their measurements made and talk to someone directly about about their dream dress.

If so you can order Zizzyfay Bridal Kits…


What the pack contains:

A Beautiful Full colour 120 page silver linen bound book displaying the following:

Full Description about Zizzyfay Bridal.

Part one: – Full outfits – All colour combinations and designs found on the website,with detailed descriptions and fabric content.

Part 2: – Elements – All colours and designs found on the website, with detailed descriptions and fabric content.

How to take Measurements – Detailed but very easy to follow info on how to take the measurements. 

Board Mounted Colour Swatches with all Available colour combinations and accociated colour names.

A tape measure.

Zizzyfay Bridal Receipts (photocopies can be made of these – a file to print from also included.

Order Submission page – Customers details, design and colour choices, measurements are recorded here. (this info is then sent to us at Zizzyfay)’

How to’ sheet for you to refer to as you go.

Price List (in your Currency).

How does it work..?

To check out the process of taking an order with a customer click here.

Through Displaying the Book and colour swatches customers would come to you to order their wedding dresses. You would simply take their measurements and show them through the book and colour swatches to help them choose an outfit, recording this information in the “Order Submission page.” and then passing this info on to us together with the customers paypal account details or an email address.

We then send the customers wedding dress direct to their house.



How Much would I get per order?

25% of every order… (an average order is around £500 – £2000, check the website prices).

How much will it cost to get all this started? 

The pack (including postage and packaging) is £120. Photocopies of Zizzyfay reciepts and order sheets (2 per A4 sheet) £5 – £7 Once you recieve the pack. Its also great to display a manikin wearing a full Zizzyfay Bridal Wedding dress to show off the beautiful colours, quality and attention to detail. An outfit purchased this way would be 50% off the retail price, contact us if you are interested.

How is the customer’s payment done? 

You have 2 options:

A – You take 25% of the order up front with the customer as their non refundable Deposit, then we contact the customer after you have sent us their order and paypal account email address where we bill them for the remaining 75% .

B – We take full payment via paypal by contacting the customer once we have received their order and paypal details from you, then pay you the 25% once these funds have cleared in our account by direct bank transfer.

How is our payment done?

Direct in to your bank account if you are from the uk.Via paypal if you are over seas (paypal charges a tiny percentage of this, payment option B (above) is recomended.2 options for when payment is done: once the customers payment has cleared or at the end of each month with an invoice.

What if customers dont have paypal?

They can can make a payment via paypal even if they dont have a paypal account, we just need an email address they use.If they prefer they can send us money by direct bank transfer – (this info is on the receipt they would get), or by cheque, but Paypal is our preferred method as it is very safe and fast.

How long would it take for a wedding dress to arrive with the customer once full payment has been made? 

3-4 weeks.

How long will it take for the Bridal pack to arrive?

About 10 working days – It will come in 2 separate parcels

Can we sell the Zizzyfay Bridal range through this Pack where ever we are in the world?

Yes, as long as you can speak English (If customers will be communicating with us – they would also need to speak English).

What if I order the wrong item by accident?

The customer will likely let us know before you do, we will let you know together with the email they have sent us. We will organise sending out corrected pieces to the customer asap. Your 25% would need to be reimbursed back to us to cover new pieces being sent out. If this happens more than twice we may have to reconsider our work relationship with you. The Booklet is very easy to read and clear with the design names, please contact us if there is anything you are unsure about.

Can I return the Zizzyfay Bridal Pack if I want to?

If it is in the condition it was sent then this is possible to have £80 returned to you. (If just the book or just the colour swatches are in a good condition we can work something out).

What if the customer has any questions after they have submitted their order in the shop? 

They would email us – We are online everyday weekday and will get back to them swiftly about any queries they may have. We also let them know once their parcel is on its way.


Extra notes 

Please note minimum time for taking an order for a Bridal outfit is 6 weeks prior to their wedding date to ensure the perfect dress arrives in good time.

All Customers orders are made to measure to their body, you only need to take 4-6 different measurements due to the design of the dress. 

Customers can just order “Elements” rather than Full outfits if they wish (eg – just the Faery Skirt) however postage costs are not included if they choose this method, postage is £12.95 for each package (1 item or more).

We have a range of 6 different colour schemes – we cannot customised colours through this service. If customers specifically want to order customised colours let them know they can do this on the website (we recommend clarifying this with the customer before you start any consultation)…

…For simply recommending the Zizzyfay Bridal website you would still get 10% of any order they make if you get them to let us know it was from you that they found us. Let us know if you would like some Zizzyfay Bridal Business cards sent to you for no extra cost with your Zizzyfay Bridal Wear Pack.

We will have a listing on the website of all the people/places who do the consultations with Zizzyfay Bridal, so customers wanting this service will be able to find their nearest outlet and come visit you for a more personalised wedding dress experience.

You may like to sell Zizzyfay Bridal wholesale to compliment this ‘made to order option’ so customers can try on dresses, have an outfit without the wait whilst you can purchase those which are not in stock. for a wholesale price of 50% there is a minimum order of £xxx contact us if you are interested in wholesale.

Prices to order by this more personal means are the same prices as those on the website so it would usually be a natural preference for customers to want to order through you.

We have tried to cover every thing here, but feel free to contact us if you cannot see you questions answered here.